Drawing The Tower

Photo by M.Raftos


I have no formal process for creating an image. This post is my first look at how I go about making an image. This time I started with the idea that I wanted to draw a tower. As I was drawing the tower, ideas of Rapunzel and hanging and lovers came to mind.

After picking a composition I went about drawing it up. Initially, I was going to set this drawing in history, but I soon realised that I had late 18th century fashion sitting on a Victorian style tower, so I decided to modernise the dress of the characters. Once I get the initial composition in place it is a process of refining the lines by constantly rubbing out and redrawing until the outlines are clean and crisp. Although this stage can be tedious time spent up to this point is where all the thinking is done. The more time spent in this stage the more it pays off later in the rendering stage.