I'm kind of like a production company for your Art Director Children
(or your own meandering scribbles)



• Every week I do one Collaborate Elaborate Drawing.
You can buy one of them below. 

• After your purchase, I will get in contact with you and prompt you to email a photo or a digital scan of your child's (or your) drawing.

• Then I get down to production. feverishly elaborating and embellishing on your child's (or your) concept within the allocated week.

• In the next step I set up a high resolution A3 digital file with your child's (or your) drawing alongside the elaborated realisation.

• This file then gets sent to Hound & Bone who provide specialist fine art printing services. They print the file on fine art paper stock, meticulously package your giclee print and then post it to your address.

• Finally I email you a link to the high resolution A3 digital file so you can print as many copies as you like. They make excellent gifts for the grandparents.